Prima pagină Barometre Romania


Chestionarele inspirate din sondajele din anii 2009 și 2010, numite barometre alimentare, sunt lansate în fiecare an începând cu 2012 pentru a monitoriza evoluția obiceiurilor și opiniilor ambelor grupuri țintă privind o alimentație echilibrată.
România a participat pentru barometrele FOOD pentru prima dată în 2019.


In 2019, 64% of Romanian employees have lunch on a daily basis. It is below the European average (71%).

In 2019, Romanian workers mostly eat home-made food (58%) or a dish/a complete meal (27%).

When choosing a restaurant, Romanian workers considered important or very important practical criteria linked to working life constraints such as a quick the service (89%) and the location of the restaurant, close to the workplace (87%).

81% of Romanian employees consider important or very important the nutritional quality of the meals served when choosing a place to have lunch. It is close to the European average (78%).

In 2019, Romanian employees mainly choose what they want to eat at lunchtime according to "What they want at the present time" (58%). But very close (53%), they also choose what they want to eat according to the balance of the dish.
The price (42%) only comes in third position.

Romanian employees truly pay attention to the balance of the dish.


In 2019, 40% of Romanian restaurants declare having a medium level of knowledge on balanced nutrition, and 24% of them declared having a high level of knowledge.

In 2019, 60% of Romanian restaurants notice an increased demand for balanced/healthy meals. It is higher than the European average (31%).
Romanian restaurants are well aware of the increasing demand from their consumers.